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San Andreas

For the Golden Gate Bridge destruction I spent weeks of research and R&D on the structural integrity of suspension bridges. I built a fully dynamic rig that was able to input collision impact points with art directable propagation forces.

I designed the weight and movement of the main cable with the rig. I built a dynamic car rig with full suspension and working with another TD we were able to distribute them though out the bridge with full interactivity and destruction.

For the Hoover Dam sequence I built a lo-res choreographed proxy to art direct for timing and client feedback. The team I worked with was able to use it as a guide for the hi-res destruction we built on top. All the cars in the sequence were fully CG with the dynamic rig I built. 

For the final Hoover Dam destruction we I the Flowline advection data to drive the RBDs. 


Design, Dynamics, FX Artist:

Scanline VFX

Warner Bros

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